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From mobile to brick and mortar...


It all started in 2011. In Boston.

Just a guy with a bike trailer, some tools and a sound system. Bikes were fixed, house calls were made, minds were blown.

A cross-country move later, Rolling Wrench debuted on the streets of Portland in July 2012. No job was too small, too hard, too far away. Many miles were pedaled, many flats were fixed, many Rick James songs were blasted.

But we knew we could do better.

Holy Spokes opened in July 2014 in a weird corner of a cool building on Division Street. We opened early, we closed late, we worked HARD. 

We never stopped working.

And it was really, really, really fun.

Three years later, We're still growing. Still getting it done right away, still trying to never say no, and still cranking the jams when we can.